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Parking Information for Football Game Days

Updated for 2018 Season

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Football Parking Inventory (2018 Season)
Courtesy Shuttle Service
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Ann Arbor Road or Lane Closures

Parking Updates for Nov. 17 vs. Indiana

U-M Golf Course: The South State Street, Main Street and driving range entrances will be closed. The Stadium Boulevard entrance will only be open for ADA cash sales.

Ann Arbor Golf and Outing: Ann Arbor Golf and Outing will open at 9:30 a.m. for members and season pass holders. AAGOC will not be open to the public. » AAGOC Site

Pioneer High School: Pioneer High School parking lots will open at 6 a.m. Limited public parking available.

Parking Options

There are a number of parking options around Michigan Stadium on football game days. Many lots are permit-only, but there are also numerous options for guests looking for day of game/cash sale parking. Please go to the Football Parking Inventory page for a list of options and prices.

NOTE: Any closures to U-M lots due to weather will be listed near the top of this page. Radio stations WAAM (1600 AM), WJR (760 AM), WTKA (1050 AM) and WWJ (950 AM) carry gameday weather and parking information.

Parking Lot Hours

Lots for football parking open between 6-8 a.m. on game day. Please refer to the Football Parking Inventory page for specifics. Vehicles should vacate all lots within two hours after the game or vehicles will be towed.

RV Parking

Pioneer High School: RVs are allowed to park in the appropriate Pioneer High School lot beginning at 10 p.m. on Game Day Fridays. No one will be permitted to enter the lot before that time. Only Season Reserved RV patrons will be assigned a numbered space. All other parking is first come, first serve. Information about parking at Pioneer High School can be found on their parking website at

Brown Lot (Varsity Tennis Center): RVs may park at the Brown Lot on Saturday morning beginning at 7 a.m. Permits for this lot are obtainable through on-site, cash sales only on the day of the game, pending capacity. RVs are welcome to stay in the Brown Lot until Sunday at noon.

Blue Lot: RVs may only access the Blue Lot with a Blue Lot RV permit. There are no day-of-game cash sales for RVs at the Blue Lot. All RVs will be directed to the RV parking area in the Blue Lot.

Questions about the RV parking may be answered by calling the Athletic Development Office (734-764-7131), the Event Management Office (734-647-1218), or Ann Arbor Public Schools/Michigan Event Parking (Pioneer Site Questions -- 734-358-7275).

Parking for Persons with a Disability

Please see the Guide for Guests with Disabilities for information about parking for persons with a disability.

AATA Shuttle Service

The Ann Arbor Transit Authority (AATA) offers shuttle service between Michigan Stadium and Ann Arbor hotels and motels, U-M Parking Structures and lots, the Michigan Union, and downtown Ann Arbor. The Football Ride runs approximately every 20 minutes beginning two hours before game time and drops off passengers at Gate 2. Shuttles run for approximately 60 minutes after the game and pick up passengers at the assigned location on the south side of Michigan Stadium. During inclement weather, such as rain or heavy snow, the shuttle will run throughout the game. For more information on the Football Ride, call AATA at (734) 973-6500 or visit the AATA site.

Parking Policies and Procedures

  • The University of Michigan will not be responsible for loss of or damage to vehicles, or their contents, parked for a football game.
  • Holders of football permits should clearly display their permits from the rearview mirror of their cars to assist parking personnel in directing them to the proper lots. Permits should be displayed at all times (even when entering the game) to avoid being towed.
  • All drivers should be alert to instructions from the uniformed police officers and parking personnel who will be directing traffic.
  • Patrons are reminded that normal parking regulations apply on game day. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, at the end of aisles, and in any other illegal location will be ticketed and/or towed. If you are unable to find a legal parking space, please see a parking attendant for assistance.
  • Spaces are available on a first-come, first serve basis. If you arrive at your designated lot and it is full, you will be directed to the next available lot.
  • Spaces may not be reserved for vehicles arriving later unless authorized by the U-M Athletic Department.
  • Overnight parking is prohibited in all U-M Football gameday parking lots.
  • Vehicles should vacate all lots within two hours after the game or vehicles will be towed.
  • Parking passes shall not be sold above face value or sold on University premises and are subject to any applicable federal, state, Regental or University of Michigan law, regulation or policy concerning the sale or re-sale of parking passes. Parking passes reported as lost or stolen may not be replaced nor the price refunded. Parking passes may not be duplicated.
  • In order to gain admittance to designated accessible parking for persons with disabilities, your vehicle must display both a state-issued disability parking placard/license plate as well as the appropriate U-M Athletic Department football gameday disability parking permit for that lot. You must park in the designated accessible parking area for which you have a permit and not in the general parking areas within your assigned lot.
  • Fans may not undertake any commercial, promotional, advertising or marketing activities in U-M lots without written authorization from the Athletic Department.
  • After the game, Main Street/Ann Arbor-Saline Road is one way southbound from Michigan Stadium to Interstate 94. Postgame southbound traffic along South Main Street will include stop-and-go traffic signals at the Scio Church/South Main and Ann Arbor-Saline/South Main intersections. This is intended to provide safer crossing opportunities for pedestrians. The traffic signal operation will be manually controlled and activated when pedestrians accumulate at the crosswalks.
  • For more information regarding the purchase of parking permits, please call the Athletic Development Office at 734-764-7131. Please call the Event Management Office at (734) 764-5257 with problems or concerns about parking operations.
  • AUTO passes allow vehicles to park in one (1) designated space. Tailgate accessory equipment shall be placed in accordance with the requirements set forth below.

U-M Golf Course Restrictions

  • Glass bottles/containers are not permitted.
  • Vehicles only. No RVs, trailers, etc.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Guests must stay off ALL playable golf surfaces (tees, greens and bunkers).

Tailgating Policies and Procedures

  • RV passes allow RVs four (4) spaces, and they must not expand past their four (4) designated spaces. The full vehicle including awnings, expansion sides, mirrors, tables, chairs, coolers, etc. must stay within the lined parking spaces allotted.
  • Tailgate accessory equipment may NOT be placed in any designated parking space unless it is one of the four (4) spaces designated for an RV.
  • Tailgate equipment may not extend beyond marked lines or be placed into roadways/driveways in a manner in which it impedes traffic. Parking Lot personnel will have the final decision on whether equipment impedes traffic or not.
  • The following safety regulations must be followed in any U-M gameday parking lots: generators should be placed a minimum of 25' from any structure, including tents, canopies, tarps or other combustible material; fuel for appliances, generators and grills should be limited and stored in a secure, well-ventilated and cool location; a suitable fire extinguisher must be maintained if such tailgating equipment is present. If your generator is loud and creating a disturbance, parking attendants or University officials may ask that you turn it off or move to a location where it will not create a disturbance for others.
  • Space is very limited; throwing of footballs or other objects should be kept to minimal distances and out of roadways and other tailgater's areas. Repeat offenders may have their objects confiscated. Please be considerate of other fans trying to park in the lot.
  • Fans may not display flags, balloons, signs or the like (collectively, "Signs") more than 20 feet above the parking lot surface and must ensure that any Signs are displayed only within the limits of the parking space (for AUTOS) or the four (4) parking spaces (for RVs) authorized for use by their vehicle; posting of Signs in common areas of the U-M lots or in a manner that would obstruct U-M signage is strictly prohibited.
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